Wildlife Photography: 3 Techniques from Professional Photographers

In wildlife photography, focusing, and achieving the desired brightness in photos can be challenging depending on the time of day and location. Let’s look at some techniques professional photographers use to deal with such situations.

A brown bear in Finland, photographed with the EOS 5D Mark IV

Technique 1: Use Single-point Spot AF to focus on wild birds in a dark forest

In low light conditions, it can get more difficult to establish focus with autofocus (AF). This is especially true in the forest, where using an AF mode that carries out operations over a wider area can result in the focus being “distracted” by branches and leaves in the foreground, or on other unexpected areas. However, although the centre AF point with Single-point AF is highly accurate, using it limits the ways in which you can compose the shot. This is when Single-point Spot AF comes in handy, offering greater freedom in your composition while ensuring the focus stays locked on your subject.

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