Top Best Electric City Cars

If you’re looking for familiarity, then you can’t go wrong with the electric version of the Volkswagen Golf. There is a new model coming out this year so anything we mention now could change soon. Nonetheless, it will still look and drive like a Golf, just without the CO2. What more could you possibly want?

The only drawback is the price, it’s considerably more expensive than the Zoe and the Leaf, but it is a Golf. And you can’t really argue with that.

Volkswagen e-UP

white Volkswagen E-UP

Alternatively, you could opt for the electric version of the UP. Still the same model, just electric. It’s cheaper than the Golf and comes with a huge amount of standard equipment including parking sensors, sat-nav, automatic emergency braking, climate control, heated seats and cruise control.

It does have a limited range though. At only 93 miles and a top speed of 81mph, it’s strictly for city driving.

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