Best Electric Cars – The evolution of the electric car market has started. They are reaching rapidly to most of the countries around the world. With diesel and petrol coming under pressure from governments looking to reduce harmful elements, electric cars are increasingly looking to the future of motoring. From the beginning time of electric vehicles, most of the companies have improved theirtechnology to compete with diesel and petrol motoring vehicles. Even they offer 7-seat variants for those who need space.

Here we are mentioning most demanding best electric cars in 2018.

BMW i3

  • The car delivers a premium quality, surprising pace and little running costs. They can maintain the company’s rear-wheel drive tradition.
  • The electric car uses a 168bhp electric motor under the boot floor. The motor is combined with a lithium-ion battery.
  • It is also available with an optional 2-cylinder motorcycle engine that keeps the batteries topped up.

Renault Zoe

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