The States Offering the Best Electric Vehicle Incentives in 2018

  • State rebate: $2,500

In Massachusetts, the MOR-EV program offers $2,500 in rebate on a battery EV, $1,500 on a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and $750 on an electric motorcycle on top of the federal tax credit. These figures apply to models that cost less than $60,000.

For vehicles that cost more than $60,000 consumers, can still claim $1,000 on an EV or plug-in hybrid. Massachusetts allows residents to buy cars out-of-state and still claim a rebate, in case a local dealer isn’t stocking the one you want.


  • State rebate: $3,000

Not to be outdone by its New England neighbor, Connecticut offers up to $3,000 in rebates on long-range EVs and $2,000 for plug-in hybrids on top of the federal credits. However, state officials peg the amount of rebate by the EPA-estimated range.

Any model capable of 175 miles or more qualifies for the $3,000. Otherwise, EVs that get 100-175 miles on a charge and PHEVs that go 40 miles or more on electric power qualify for $2,000. As a consolation prize, short-range EVs and PHEVs get $500.


  • State tax credit: $3,000

Maryland has one of the most comprehensive packages for consumers looking to buy an affordable EV. As in Massachusetts, Maryland residents have to set their sights on models below $60,000, as any vehicle below that amount qualifies for an excise tax credit.

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