The Electric Car Is Here — If You’ve Got The Money

One of the most anticipated all-electric vehicles to make it to market in the next few years is also coming in 2019, and it’s actually two models: the Porsche Taycan (née Mission E) and its sibling EV, the Cross Turismo. The Taycan is like a futuristically styled 911 that will feature fast performance and, maybe most importantly, fast charging. The Cross Turismo more closely resembles Porsche’s wagon-y Panamera lineup, and it’s meant to offer a little more practicality than the Taycan. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but both cars should cost around $100,000. (The powertrain platform that the Taycan is being built on will also be shared with Audi for an even more expensive performance version of the E-tron, due out in 2020.)

Continuing the luxury EV trend, Mercedes finally made a serious splash in the world of all-electric cars when it announced the EQC in early September. It’s not arriving until 2020, and there’s no pricing yet. The company also sort of flubbed its first guess at what the range will be (though it’s expected to be a little bit above 200 miles). But it’s otherwise a very Mercedes car, with a typically premium interior that centers on the company’s sharp-looking MBUX interface, one of the most attractive automaker-provided in-car infotainment systems.

BMW’s iX3 electric SUV will also arrive around 2020. Its specs are similar — above 200 miles of range and 270 horsepower — and it looks to build off of the success that BMW has found with its SUV offerings over the last decade. No pricing or other details have been announced, but BMW is no stranger to electric technology. It released the hybrid i8 sports car in 2014, and it has made the all-electric i3 (which tops out at just around 150 miles of range in its latest configuration) for basically just as long. Being BMWs, both of those cars also command a premium: the i8 sits at about $150,000, and the i3 starts at $44,000.

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