The Best Luxury Cars Of 2018

In the old days, a luxury car simply needed acres of wood trim, a herd’s worth of leather, and a powerful engine to woo buyers. Times have changed. Tech is the new measuring stick in the luxury segment, and every automaker needs to offer a wide panoply of innovative features to stay relevant. Those who don’t risk getting left behind, unless they have a very good reason not to get with the times.

The cut-throat luxury car segment is bigger than ever; it’s grown to include numerous sedans, limousines, SUVs, coupes, and convertibles. There are options for buyers who need to keep a low-profile (be it for personal or safety reasons), and there are also models that will delight customers who want to make an entrance every time.

Ready to start shopping for a palace on wheels? Check out the best luxury cars on the American market today.


The best

2018 mercedes amg s 63 4matic review 13367

Why should you buy this: It’s the luxury sedan that says, “I’ve made it.”

Who’s it for: Executives, entrepreneurs, rappers.

How much will it cost: $89,900+ (sedan)

Why we picked the Mercedes-Benz S-Class:

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