When the first wave of electric cars hit in the ’90s, people were extremely skeptical. In fact, the public was so put off by them that the whole trend died off shortly thereafter. That is, except for in the minds of a few researchers, scientists, and the kinds of folks that had the foresight to realize the opportunity and eventual necessity behind alternative fuel cars.

Now back in full swing, the trend is more popular than ever and is actually starting to dig into the profits of more traditional fossil fuel vehicles. And it’s with good reason: electric cars are generally cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly, and even have some performance benefits (like a flat torque curve and incredibly quick acceleration speeds). In fact, nowadays there are even some high-end luxury vehicles and supercars that use all-electric powertrains. So whether you’re looking for a fun weekend ride, a daily commuter vehicle, or an insane sports car, you can get one with a renewable fuel source. And you can find the absolute best all-electric cars right here on the following list.


Though we’d hardly call it a daily driver, the eMoke is certainly an excellent weekend ride – especially for those who live in smaller beach communities. Based on what was originally intended to be the British version of the Jeep, this little cruiser first acquired a cult-like following in the ’60s, when it was used to tool around the shores of the Caribbean. Now, this tiny 4-seater has been brought back by an American company and loaded with an all-electric engine. There’s also a gas-powered version, if you’d rather go old-school, too.

Charge Time: 6-8 Hours
Range: 40-90 Miles
Performance: 25 MPH Maximum Speed

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