Into the Wild: The Wildlife & Travel Photography of Andrea Izzotti

I started almost for fun, inspired by a colleague, initially just to see if my images could meet any interest. To my surprise I sold an image the same day that it was approved. I then decided to upload photos, both new shots and some good ones from previous years.

From your portfolio it looks like you do a lot of travelling. Where’s been your favorite place to shoot?

No doubts the most amazing one is Raja Ampat, in Papua island, on the Indonesian side. It’s the kingdom of underwater bio-diversity: during just one dive I could spot over 300 different species. Besides that, I had the privilege to swim with about 10 whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay. The landscape in Raja Ampat is breathtaking, with thousands of islets spread on the horizon line between sea and sky, often crossed by rainbows; the sunsets are among the most fantastic ever seen, conveying a sense of peace and serenity I have hardly found in other places.

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