Use a white-balance preset to enhance the warmth in your photo.

Switch your camera’s white balance to a setting such as cloudy or daylight. This will give you a warmer and more pleasing photo.


The flame is often the focal point of a candle photo, so it important to capture it properly, without overexposing it and losing all detail. Experiment with exposure times until you can see the different colours in the candle’s flame – from the dark centre through the reds and purples at the base of the flame to the bright white peak.


For a really powerful and engaging candle photograph, get right up close to the flame. Fill the frame as best you can with the flame and some of the candle body, and expose to capture lots of detail in the flame.

Close up of a candle wick and flame

Get in close and fill the frame completely for a more engaging photograph.

Alternatively, photograph a group of candles rather than a single one. This can add further interest and help to fill the frame more completely.

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