With their wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, candles make perfect photography subjects. Learn how to photograph them here.

In can be tempting in photography to concentrate on the big, popular subjects such as landscapes, portraits, and architecture. This is a shame because there are many less obvious subjects which can produce photos every bit as intriguing and engaging.

Candles are a great example of this. They are very easy to find and are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colours. Perhaps the best thing about candles is their simplicity, which forces you to think carefully about your shot, and can really help you develop your photographic eye.

The following tips will help you capture candle photos which are full of depth and atmosphere. Use them to experiment with this fascinating, under-appreciated subject.


Candles make interesting photography subjects in their own right, and often need no further scenery to make a compelling photo. My favourite composition involves just the candle or candles against a plain backdrop, and with no further lighting other than the flames themselves.

Close up of birthday candles

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