Given its long history and wide assortment, a great advantage of Rolex watches is the variety available in today’s market. This is particularly true of Rolex dress watches. Aside from style, size, and model, another wide-ranging component of the Rolex offering is price. There’s a Rolex timepiece out there for almost any price point. From the affordable (relatively speaking in luxury watch terms, of course) to the extravagant, here are the best Rolex dress watches for every budget. One caveat to our roundup is that the prices we mention relate to the used Rolex watch market, not full retail costs. Because buying pre-owned is, after all, the savvy way to shop for a Rolex watch!

Rolex Dress Watches For $3,000 – $5000

It may come as a surprise to some, but you can certainly pick up a great Rolex for well under $5,000. For those shopping with a $3,000 to $5,000 budget, the best Rolex dress watches to look at are the Air-King, Date, and Oyster Perpetual.

An older stainless steel or two-tone Air-King watch, for instance, will set you back around $3,500. The Air-King is one of Rolex’s oldest collections, which translates to plenty of choices for the consumer. Typically, Rolex Air-King watches (aside from the most current ref. 116900) sport a 34mm case, straightforward time-only dial, and either an Oyster or Jubilee bracelet.

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