5 Electric Vehicles Headlining the Best Sales Month Ever

With most EV news centering around the Tesla Model 3 these days, we have to stop and remind ourselves that we’re not playing fantasy baseball here. Unlike Model 3, which some people hope to see within two years, very real cars in U.S. dealerships can get you driving very green right now. In fact, a check of the numbers on InsideEVs says March 2016 was the best month of electric vehicle sales on record.

The cars topping the list were far from vaporware. In one case, a nameplate introduced in February 2013 was outperforming the majority of the pack. Maybe it just takes a few years to get used to the idea of electric driving after all. Here are the five cars that topped the sales charts in the all-time record month. Since it hasn’t failed us yet, we continue to rely on the InsideEVs monthly scorecard for figures.

Ford Fusion Energi2016 Ford Fusion Energi

You have to go way back to June 2014 to find a better sales month for Ford Fusion Energi, which saw 1,238 deliveries in March. The midsize plug-in sedan, capable of 19 miles on pure electric power, pushed itself into fourth place overall on the 2016 list with the huge showing, which represented 48% gains over March 2015.

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