5 Biggest Problems With Electric Vehicle Charging

It’s quite difficult to fast-charge your car in many U.S. cities, even when money is no object. You have to drive through strange neighborhoods and try to locate chargers in vast parking lots where GPS is known to drop out of service. The bottom line is there aren’t nearly enough places to recharge an EV at a respectable speed.

On highway, the situation is worse. Initiatives to build fast chargers along major highways are just getting started, so this problem could be addressed in the coming years. Unfortunately, if you wanted to charge your car on a road trip between East Coast cities, the options in fast charging are few and far between. Even California struggles with this issue.

Too many maps, too many appsSource: Blink

Let’s say you know the ins and outs of your EV’s onboard charger and hit the road armed with a charging account and the relevant app installed on your phone. In theory, you should have no problem plugging in and paying with a tap of your phone. But the station you want appears on one app but not on the other (usually, because of competing business interests).

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