10 Classic Muscle Cars Worth Owning

The world of muscle cars is a fascinating, unique and quite a big world, filled with drag races, summer nights, crazy fun, wide open American roads, and a kind of camaraderie you can’t find very many places. Classic muscle cars are iconic, they embody the freedom and thrill all cars should possess. They’re works of art, and there’s so much passion and character behind classic muscle cars and so much passion from the people that own them. Muscle cars really began in 1949, with a sudden demand for faster cars. Cue the Oldsmobile Rocket 88, a car that fit and defined the very definition of a muscle car: a car with a powerful engine and a light body. From that point forward, they took America by storm, creating a movement, a brand new kind of car, a car for that came to represent the American car industry, and really the spirit of America at the time.

Through the 1950’s all kinds of muscle cars came into existence, and their popularity only grew. And so did the popularity of drag racing, due to the fact that muscle cars had lots of power, but poor handling. After a brief pause in the growth due to racing bans, there came the golden age of muscle cars, the era everyone remembers best. This article is going to look at 10 muscle cars worth owning, and 10 not worth your time.


Meet the Pontiac GTO. This is the 1965 model. Straight out of the golden age of muscle cars. This car was one of many in its class, but this one had some of the most class, with that big front end that looked fast yet stylish, with the double headlights that make it look like an instant classic.

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