10 Classic American Cars Perfect for Electric Supercar Conversion

The quickest production car on the road these days is a Tesla Model S. Zombie 222, the quickest Mustang of all time and the quickest street car on earth, is a modified ’68 fastback with an electric motor that can hit 60 miles per hour in 1.78 seconds. What’s the world coming to, you ask?

Electric supercar performance has made its way into the mainstream, that’s what. The thrill of battery-powered acceleration has become an addiction for everyone from first-time drivers to the first wave of Tesla owners. What’s been missing is the classic muscle-car style: Down at Blood Shed Motors in Austin, Mitch Medford and his team behind the Zombie 222 aim to solve this problem with cars like the Shelby-beating electric Mustang and other converted American classics.1964 Lincoln Continental EV conversion by Blood Shed Motors

The next wave includes a 1964 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors and blood-red interior. Medford describes the effect as “having your cake and eating it, too.” After converting to electric power, you can get better performance than the original ever managed and don’t have to fill up on gas every few hours. You get to leave Lamborghini and Porsche owners in the dust when they try you at a stoplight and expect a stock engine under your vintage Camaro’s hood.

Best of all, you do it in one of the most stylish rides on the road. Thinking about the endless possibilities for converting classics to electric power, we asked Medford about cars he’d like to tackle next. After narrowing down his list and tacking on a few hell-raisers we’d love to see, the lineup came into focus. Here are eight vintage American rides that are perfect for the electric Zombie conversion.

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