10 Cities Where People Buy the Most Electric Vehicles

In our continuing look at the growth of electric vehicles in the U.S., we’ve considered which states are adopting EVs the fastest; which cities have the best charging infrastructure for plug-in cars in town; which automakers have EVs priced near or below $25,000 after incentives; and which states have the most generous incentives for buyers.

Factors like cost of ownership, available vehicles, emissions laws, and convenience levels for drivers play an obvious role in how many electric cars turn up in American cities. According to IHS Automotive data from 2014 (per The International Council on Clean Transportation), the formula is working well in a few cities on both coasts. One California city in particular is outpacing the pack by a wide margin in new car purchases that are either plug-in hybrids or “zero emissions” electric vehicles.

Here are the 10 U.S. cities with the highest percentage of plug-in EVs counted in new car purchases.Southern California Trenched In 6th Day Of Rainfall

San Diego

In terms of volume, San Diego has the fourth-most number of electric vehicles on the road (9,500) in the U.S. ChargePoint, the company that operates charging stations around the world, says the city is one of the friendliest to drivers who want to charge their batteries and get more electric miles as well. These factors, combined with attractive state incentives, contributed to consumers buying plug-ins at a rate just under 3% in 2014. More than half of those purchases were pure electric vehicles.

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