10 Car Companies That Sell the Most Electric Vehicles

We regularly round up electric vehicle sales in the U.S., but it’s a big world out there. Plug-in and pure EV sales in Europe have been much stronger than U.S. totals in 2015 due to the number of available models and significantly higher gas prices abroad.

European automakers are also entering the fray, with BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes setting the tone for a new wave of plug-in EVs. Meanwhile, the old guard has been stuck in neutral. Nissan (with the Leaf), General Motors (with the Chevy Volt), and Toyota (with the Prius plug-in hybrid) have been phasing out their top-selling plug-ins as they make room for redesigned models.

It’s a transitional period for electric vehicles, to say the least. We remain two years away from what should be the start of mass consumer adoption of the segment. While the industry reboots for the next phase, we take a look at the automakers who have sold the most plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles since the start of sales through April 2015, per EV Sales.

Volkswagene-golf 2015

The Volkswagen Group had made major strides in 2015, pulling into 10th place after a furious pace through the first four months of the year. All told, the automaker had sold just over 24,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids through its Audi, Porsche, and core brands. In the United States, only the Porsches and the VW e-Golf are on the market, but other consumers have access to the VW e-Up!, the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE, and the Audi A3 e-tron. Only the A3 e-tron is confirmed for the U.S.

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